Our Approach

Ten reasons why you should choose SaS Advisory as your trusted business advisor:

  1. We are proactive in saving you tax - we will help you find solutions to pay less tax AND offer tax planning advice.

  2. We will explain things in a way you can understand - and we will not use industry jargon as a way of keeping our clients in the dark.

  3. We will take the time to understand what your business is about which will be very effective at identifying opportunities for you. You want to work with people who believe in your vision as much as your bottom line. 

  4. We will be available and approachable. You should never be in a position where you perceive that your accountant is too busy to give you advice, or feel that you are asking a 'stupid' question. 

  5. We will always be transparent with our fees and give you options for paying fixed monthly fees too. There will never be unexpected or additional fees without warning you.

  6. Accounting firms are capable of offering so much more than tax and compliance - we will provide value for money. 

  7. We will regularly check with you on your changing needs.

  8. We will help you plan for the future by looking at the big picture possibilities and lead you through a business accounting path that makes the ups and downs more manageable and rewarding.

  9. You will be asked tough business questions which is so important in helping you increase your profits and for making big decisions such as exit plans and retirement. 

  10. We will stay up to date with the latest technology.